Now And Then In 2017

Now and Then in 2017

There was a time when I was younger
That there was this constant hunger

Time has passed and the years have flown by
Sometimes joy and laughter, sometimes a good cry

Vows kept under the stars we met
A grandson that keeps me young without regret

Where once I had a great left hook
I now rely on Facebook

I could compete at a track meet
What I do now is Tweet from my seat

In lieu of at the rink with my team
I'm Linked In to the latest dream

Before, at the diamond with a bat
After, I share the world with Snap Chat

Amazon was a great river in Brazil
Now an ecommerce site with a bill

Past, hanging out at the mall looking for chicks
Present, replaced by watching Netflix pics

It used to be four on the floor
Instead my best friend is an I Phone more

Many hours once spent polishing chrome
Replaced by Google Chrome in your home

Parallel parking used to be a real pain
My car parks by itself again and again

At the pumps no more
The car is electric and less a chore

I find myself often saying
Is there an "app" for that, and then playing

In conclusion I have no dilution of days gone by
The days of yore are long gone and I'm on standby

To give it all a try

by Andreas Simic

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