Now Fading

Another moment
lost in obscurity
Swallowed up within the abyss
these tears can't be seen
Silence holds many secrets
times of you and me
It didn't take long
for these tears to create an ocean of sorrow
And every beautiful memory
has turned to bitterness and ash
just like these dreams-now fading

My head and everything within
spinning out of control
With your last words still echoing
cutting deep without mercy
I know I should let you go
let everything slip from my trembling hands
Hoping for a new day to come
to bring light into this unwanted darkness
For the winds of change to gently blow away
all in me that you left lingering
just like these dreams-now fading

I won't fall completely
someday I will even learn
To pick up the pieces
after all is said and done
Find the strength
to wipe the slate clean
just like these dreams-now fading-

by Daniel Wittfoth

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