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Now Finally I Am Here
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Now Finally I Am Here

Now finally I am here on the other side at hereafter
Land of eternity, timeless forever
Music is every where, rainbow dancing around
Laughter and happiness is in space, there is no earthly ground
Time, space has no meaning only endless travels end to end
There is no horizon, no sky or around the bend
Virtual image of bodies floating moving faster than the light
Moments are undefined, there is no day or night
No sorrow, no disease, no poverty only happiness and fun
There is no Milky way, Star, Moon or the Sun
Death or life does not exist, only spirits prevail
All around is vibrant, radiant, nothing is pale
Every day is a gala day come what may
Whatever you want you get it before you say
It is a wonderland filled with music and rainbow
Bursting with colors what a magnificent show
I am here forever, end of my journey no where to go
Eternity is with me endless is my walk way where joys grow

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