GL (March 1,1978 / Antigonish)

Now I Know Why

I watched you when I was a
little girl. You would drink
contantly. Today it puzzles me
about how I hate to drink.
Now I know why.

I'd stay awake everynight waiting
to hear your footsteps walking
across the patio and your key
entering the keyhole.
Friends always questioned why
I never attended any parties.
Now I know why.

I remember seeing you after
he grabbed you. The expression
on your face saying, you deserved it.
I would always become defensive
when a man would come on strong.
Now I know why.

I am a strong-minded person today
with dreams and goals to achieve.
When it seemed as if you were being
neglectful, you were preparing me.
Now I know why.

by Gero Lorna

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