Now I Pray

Coddle me in the bossom of your passion,
Anchor me with the shadows of your watchfullness
Upon me gaze with an eye of pity
And whip me with the whip of justice.
Percieve me with your breath of life,
Scold me with the lips of your promise
Draw me me nigh with your hands of righteousness
Hear me with those ears of your mercy
Let me feel the grip of your call upon my wandering heart
Let the gentle whispers of your voice
Pierce through the marrows of the silent night
And let the watchful light of your eyes
Overshadow the beclouded darkness of my soul.
Upon the road paths of my cheek, let your healing cloak
Be my consolling towel
Map thee the directions of my feet
And my heart from thee shall never wander away.
Bear me up in your palms
And my joy shall being you and for you
To be my salvation.
For all I desire,
Is that once again, you call me SON

by Okoronkwo Jonathan Jackson

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