Do Angels Guard The Gate?

Who guards the gates of paradise?
Dæmons or angels? And who
Sorts out the rubbish and the lies,
The gantlet that mankind runs through?

There are no guardians of the gate;
Souls gravitate toward light
Or to the dark; they self-select;
Some live in shadows, tenebrate.

Is any hour too late? I think,
Because our hopes are bound in love,
Because all mortals share a link,
This slight thread is just enough

To carry us to peace, and strive
To celebrate our common fate:
Echoes in the light of Days
And in the depths of Night.


'We all arrive, or none' - Fyodor Dostoevski

by Will Barber

Comments (2)

so hope is not expected as charity and the poet is strong to live in whatever situation come to her. thats what is hope that makes one strong and confident. Great write.
A poem with beautiful images of hope. Likes.