Maddison ….. Child of a valiant warrior.
Spiritual Connotation… Brave.
Scripture … Luke 18: 27 'The things that are impossible with men are possible with God'.

Thank Lord for the blessing of this day,
Today you brought little Maddison my way.
The sun when it shines, shines brighter,
And worries just a little lighter.

Because Maddison is part of my day.

I would live to see your first smile,
And dress in mummy's shoes, such style!
Your first day at school, with its fears,
Not to forget mummies tears.

Because Maddison is part of my day,

I will be there to wipe your tears away,
And cheer you in times of dismay.
When you need a strong hand,
One to hold, I'll be there as God planned.

Because Maddison is part of my day.

I will often pray for God's will for you,
As I know He will see you through.
Your parents love you with all their might
But Gods love for you, is beyond our sight.

by R. K. Hart

Comments (2)

so hope is not expected as charity and the poet is strong to live in whatever situation come to her. thats what is hope that makes one strong and confident. Great write.
A poem with beautiful images of hope. Likes.