(August 4th,1926 / New York City)

Leaves Of Endless Branches

Have you ever had a day like mine today,
Do you think about the desperation running through your mind,
I'm exhausted from the random thoughts that race across my existence,
There's a wind blowing through my need
Causing the leaves of endless branches of thought,
to fall in a shower of uncertainty,

The weary feeling of aloneness, too far from any one,
or anything that will cure my sickness,
I am lost in the forest, A forest of broken dreams,
And tired smiles, dreams shattered on the ground,
Smiles lost among the frowns,

A day you dread, because of it's daylight,
A night you resist, because of the darkness, that hides,
Hide from myself, and I am lost, in a room with no ceiling,
And a world with no sky,

I can reach up and touch the jagged edges of my life,
That cut like a knife, into my attempts, at contentment,
A half -lit twilight, and in the mist of indecision, lies the truth of insecurity,
The fear of the unknown, the pain of losing, what you never had in the first place,

The years dragging on, and yet passing by in a flash,
Not enough time to repair, too much time to think,
A wild and remote place, the inner deeper meaning,
Meaning that my every moment is spent trying to understand,

Understand how, why, it could happen,
what should I do, where can I go to ease the glare of heartache,

To shield me from all this,
Protect me from all this,
To lean down to you, with soft sweet lips,
And accept that gentle kiss.......

dean evans 11-04-06

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