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Now That I Know
NC (1975- / Detroit, Michigan)

Now That I Know

You feel like home
and I’ve been away
for a long time.

In your arms
I take a much needed rest
after a long journey.

Those who once came between us
have tired
and fallen away.

I stand before you now
appreciating every moment
we’ve been given to share.

Your comfort and affection
quench my thirst
caused by unintended isolation.

Even before I’ve said goodnight,
I begin anticipating the next time
you’ll say hello.

I feel the presence of
endless possibility
fashioned from soft, warm intention.

The sweetness of a moment
gifted to me from your heart
fills hours no longer spent on wanting.

Heady, free and light,
I open and await instruction from you
on how we will now fill this place
we’ve built together.

I savor each word of our discussions and plans
made for the stories we will keep for reference,
the ones which we’ll let define our sacred space.

The ones that will have to be reconsidered
or left by the wayside
for they no longer serve our purpose.

All of life,
struggle and success,
has been growing me to this
climactic shift in sense.

Every fiber, every nerve,
feels alive and committed to energize
the journey that began when I took
your hand in mine.

My love had longed
to be seen,
to be felt
by you.

Finally, I decided to release the reigns
that held it tight
and spoke the words.

At that moment,
could you see my love for you
swallow me whole?

I was unable to resist.
I could no longer deny
that which had called me into you.

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Powerful and well written.