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Now That It's Gone
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Now That It's Gone

Im sitting here without a single word to say.
Heartbroken trying to get through day by day.
I'm thinking about the day my life became worthless.
When you said this relationship wasn't worth it.
You gave up on me. On the love we shared.
You showed me that yu didn't care that I cared.
You didn't know how much i felt it.
You're so malicious. This pain is vicious.
Eating at me quickly like a leech.
Sound the alarm in my heart, there's been a breach.
I gave you my love and you pressed reject. 
This is an ending I cannot accept.
I want you back ASAP.
But I miss you more than you miss me.
My room wreaks of your influence.
Like a lost love incense.
It needs to burn out. It's suffocating me.
Taking the air out my lungs quickly.
I'm dying with a pen in my hand.
Writing our past love sink like quicksand. 

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