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Now That Your Here
DS (27 06 1987 / Warrington)

Now That Your Here

Secretly i knew we were going to be,
i knew that you were meant for me.
I knew it was wrong and selfish to do,
and my feelings and thoughts were mirrored by you.
I was thinking about what was to come of this,
and about our friends the feelings they'd miss.
But the more i thought the more i sought
the hands of your heart knew what they'd caught.
I'll always be sorry for him and for her,
for tearing apart what they once were.
This is an apology for the damage we caused,
for not recognizing our first time flaws.
But now were together i just want to be,
with you forever just you and me.
For so long i wanted you to be near,
so let us begin now that your here

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Amazing. Incredible and really sweet of you to write this dan. Love you. xxx