Now They Cry

Poem By christane darling

She's on the edge
feet dangling below
she knows if she jumps
there's a long way to go

But she's weighing her options
and setting things straight
cause she's tiered of being
controlled by her own fate

She thinks she old enough
and that she can choose
She knows what's best
and she has nothing to loose

she's tiered of living
and life's just a game
one you can't win
with blood, tears and pain

And she turns around
to a noise on the roof
there stands her family
aware not aloof

Her mother's in tears
and her dad is upset
but she promised herself
she wouldn't regret

So she went to the edge
turned around to face them
her tears raining down
like tiny glass gems

She starts to fall
and waves good bye
and now like her
they're starting to cry

Comments about Now They Cry

so calmly written. it looks like distorted vidions, confusion and disclarity that all the pain has brought to her. it seems like its really high up in thick clouds; not quite grey and with lots of arm-like whisps. a sense of what your language goes on to create completely by itself. really great. ta. -M
Very softspoken. I like it.

Rating Card

2,6 out of 5
12 total ratings

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