Now We Say Goodbye

I started having dreams when I was little,
The feelings came little by little.
A boy entered my dreams,
Like an angel just glistening.
I recall the way he used to hug me,
The safe feeling of sweet warmth washed through me.
Eyes the color of the purest oceans,
And the bright gold that shines like everlasting suns.
I don't know your name,
but the feelings I know will never change.
In real life, like nature I started to grow.
Everyone thought I was a freak show.
My dreams of this boy started to fade,
I saw him in real life and my heart reawake.
He was my dream come true,
With him I can make it through.
High school isn't how easy as I thought it would be,
I couldn't make it without him encouraging me.
I couldn't help but hear that you were going to leave,
Something I didn't want to believe.
How could I lose you again?
It's bad enough we are just friends.
This love story will soon end,
Sad because it never got a chance to begin.
As we hug each other one last time,
Couldn't say I wish you'll stay,
I'll give anything so you won't go away.
Going to be hard to keep my eyes dry,
Because now we say goodbye...

by Alexandria Angel

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