! ! Self Liberation

A noun, a name, a concept perhaps,
sitting on the page..
asset-optimization; thought-structure; self-realization…

suddenly, from something you’ve never heard of,
it becomes a consumer desirable…
it’s on your shopping list…

better approach it with a laugh; with joy:
I sat there with her, drinking tea
and complaining ever so politely
about the difficulty of being me;
the air in the room grew heavy and even seemed to yawn..

suddenly she sprang to her feet,
opened her arms (I see her now) spread wide
and said (she almost sang) : ‘Be like me! Throw yourself
on the mercy of the Absolute! ’

The whole of the dance of life
in a single movement:
how could I not believe her?

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (8)

Lovely poem. Love it....
Nicely constructed rhyming! ! !
Nice work with the muse of winter.
I like Campion. He has a way with words. nice verse this.
I don't think Campion has ever been under-rated, but the echolalic and brain-teasing effect of 'All do not all things well' is over the top. MM
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