Nowhere To Hide

Poem By Wayne Guy Butterfield

So it was just lies
The need to go to war
Intentionally created
Secretly debated
Subtly misleading
Endlessly repeating

Yet somehow we fell for it
The need to go to war
Presidentially purported
Congressionally supported
Journalistically followed
Publicly swallowed

Lies about the reasons
Lies about the treasons
Lies with every breath
Lies that led to death
Over and over
And over again

Somewhere the souls of thousands
Remember our need to go to war
Somewhere the souls of thousands
Cry in horror for ever more

They see through our justifications
Can no longer be fooled by our lies
The charade that we wanted to free them
Permanent bases carefully disguised

They know the war’s real reasons
Pivotal power from control of black gold
Contempt for the views of others
The value that each life holds

And they cry out to us now in shock and awe
To warn of the terrible price we will pay
If we keep swallowing the lies of our leaders
Till we join them on judgment day

Yes, somewhere the souls of thousands
See the truths we fail to grasp
And they hear the rattling bones of the dead
From the graveyards of empires past

Comments about Nowhere To Hide

This is excellent Wayne. Read my anti-war poems and you'll find a kindred spirit. Cheers, Jerry Hughes
Hey Wayne, this is a stunner! Very well written indeed, and I loved the last two lines they finished off the poem really well. Congrats! Love Ernestine XXX

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