JR (04/10/1991 / Shakopee, Mn)


Why is there this hole In my soul?

Its like an abyss deep, dark, and never ending

I try to get out, but I always fail as I get close

I can see faces of people that say they care for me

People that say they love me and want the best for me

But its usually them that keep pushing me back in

Well, Im tired of the constant climbing

Tired of failing to get out, so Ill accept my fate

Ill live what is left of my life in this place

And when they ask why I quit trying Ill reply with one simple word


Something that seems so small to someone who isnt going thru it

All I can hope for is when Im gone maybe then I will find happiness

Untill then I will remain numb to everything besides the pain that reminds me Im alive

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