Poem By Loretta Doyle Smalley

Everyday I lock myself in my room and let the tears fall from my eyes.
Everynight instead of sleeping, I cry and cry.
It's getting really hard to hold these tears in.
Everyday my life falls apart more and more.
I want this pain to go away, but I know that it won't.
So I want to go numb.
So that I don't feel the pain.
My stomach is always in knots.
My head is always pounding.
It is almost like the whole world hates me.
My heart is filled with tears, because of all the pain and hell that I have been through and still am going through.
I am still alone.
No one to hold me close.
No one to share anything special with.
Maybe if I were to change who and what I am.
Maybe if I wasn't so scared to fall in-love again.
I want to just numb all of this pain deep within me.
I don't want to feel like this anymore.
I don't know how much more I can take.
I am scared.
Really scared.
Please Lord help me! !

Comments about Numb

It is not a poem...more like a dairy too painful to share smtimes tc
THis is nice. I like it alot, you could turn it into a song if you felt like it. It gives me a very Linkin Park feeling.

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