Numb Heart

Your words as beautiful as red roses
Adorned by the old earth’s sweet cherries
They seem so sweet, so clement, so pure
Yet to my aching heart they sound obscure.

You have the eyes of the loveliest color
From raging waves to tranquil shore
Thy loving gaze so honest, so mesmerizing
But my incredulous heart despise believing.

Your glad eye appeases the thunder and lightning
It gives warmth in an exquisite dayspring
You are the hope of many against the sea of troubles
Yet my heart’s out from your reach like mundane bubbles.

You have the beauty of the golden stream
Embellished by an enormous dream
I’m promises ease in a placid lake
But too bad, it can’t heal the deepest heartache.

You possess great strength and valor
Like precious stones in galore
Your heart’s open like a wide-opened door
Yet my heart is deeply locked in endless dolor.

You rule the roost of love from moon to sun
Yet my heart avers that love and anger are ropes of sand
Your love that you openly prove
Left my frigid heart still unmoved.

Your bitter woe, the fate of many
Like shattered waves of light
My adamant heart loves nobody
Enslaves he day by gloomy night.

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