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Drifting away to nothingness..
In failure, I have succumbed..
And i count the passing moments..
Wondering who i have become...

My soul, lost to ambilvalence..
Confused, I watch it fade..
In the end, it claims my innocence..
Now i'm alone, afraid and betrayed..

I am becoming less of what i was..
So much less than what i could be..
Drowning in my fear of failure..
In my attempt to wade the sea..

Should I allow myself to slip away..?
Free from worry of regret..?
Could I allow myself to fade..?
And take the risk that you'll forget..?

I'm wondering how I might get back again..
To the place I started from..
The roads I see are all dead ends..
And this life has become NUMB..

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A poem which is searing, honest and 'real'. And hope lies in its very creation, in its power of expression.
pain is real the journey sometimes filled with fear but like the old song says don't drive nails into your coffin for who really really knows what the future holds keep up the good work