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Number Two
JM (April 12,1991 / Canton MS)

Number Two

Poem By Jeanette Matthews

I have been number two that I can't take this any more
You don't love me because if you did there would be no one before
I'm too exclusive to come second in your life
If I have to wait on love then I should wait on being a wife
Quit saying that you are through with her because I know its untrue
You might as well gone admit to loving her as much as she love you
In your heart I know that I have a place
But in my heart along with you there are too many empty spaces
I never wanted it to go this far I really didn't mean for it too
But I rather leave you than cause her pain when she's the one that really loves you
I love you too don't me wrong
But what I have realize is that its her love thats strong
I enjoy you while I could because I knew it wasn't going to last
So I guess its a farewell to you my friend so now let the past be the past
I just can't be a number two
Because I love myself more than I LOVE YOU

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a realistic verses..every woman they want to be number one... well expressed..good write... Ency Bearis