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Nun At The Antique Bookstore
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Nun At The Antique Bookstore

I had been looking for that ancient book
for quite some time.
And found it, paid the lady with the soulful eyes,
that could, if looked into when vulnerable,
ignite the meltdown of a man's own soul.

There was a book mark of inherent beauty,
its usefulness due to its very size,
and scribbled there in purple, stylish letters,
it gave a number, followed by the words 'call Me'.

So, it was true what I had noticed in the shop.
She'd felt it, too and acted when I stared.
I wonder what her hours are at work
and what to say to her now that we know.

She breathed Hello, a smokefilled rhaspy voice,
then she played hard to get, I thought at first.
I re-confirmed the loveliness of her brown eyes
and that we had made contact with our souls.

'You left a note', I said 'I'm calling you to see
if you would want to have a bite to eat with me',
(and almost said to her 'a bite of me') ,
and then I told her that the book I bought was precious.

Well, she confessed that she was just a simple nun,
with private phone, her studies near complete.
She'd sold the book there early in the year
to buy another science work that was too dear.

What does one say? A nun inside a convent,
so non-descript in looks and other factors.
I was so rattled that I mentioned with conviction,
that eyes THAT lovely were so very hard to find.

Her smile was audible, her wit measured perfection.
She said 'Oh yes, my eyes are beautiful as jewels,
I have reserved them and the rest of me
for Jesus, it was very nice to talk to you today.'

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I enjoyed this very much!