Smile At Me

Can't you just smile back at me
When I send a smile to you,
Why is it that your lips are tight
And seem so frosty blue,
Can't you let your mouth just raise
Both sides a little bit,
Or is it that my face just doesn't,
In your mind, quite fit.
If you would smile, your face would be
A very handsome one,
And I believe that you and I
Could have a lot of fun,
But until you give a welcome grin,
There's nothing I can do,
Except, when you look across at me,
I'll keep smiling back at you.

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (5)

A sweet song on the desire of children to play.....amusing
An amazing song of children displaying their urge to continue their play even while night is slowly approaching. Thanks for sharing.
.....a beautiful poem...childhood is the best time of life ★
I love how this poem is so serene. People often take innocence for granted. We tend to look back and want our innocence but that feeling is ever so fleeting. We look at children and we read about them, yet our own mess prevents us from seeing the purity.
Great poem of William Blake and likes very much.