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Nursery Rhymes On Pain

The hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world!
But voices inside daddy's head
Say, 'Smack the little girl'.

So, who killed Cock-Robin?
'I', said the Sparrow, 'With my bow and arrow'.
..But Daddy laughed with so much glee,
And that's the short and narrow.

Little yellow sunbeams dancing in the air
Tell us that the sunshine is shining everywhere.
..But on our house no sunbeams shine
With Daddys presence there.

Farmer, farmer sow your seeds, up the field and down
God will make your golden corn grow the whole year round.
..But sow me a daddy all valiant and true
And leave this one underground.


In a cottage in a wood, a little old man at the window stood.
Saw a girl go running by a-knocking at his door.
'Help me, help me sir', she said, 'I'm all alone now daddys dead.
'Come little girl come stay with me, happy we shall be'.

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