Let us be the earth that enriches their growth
That in our teaching they may take root
Nourishing them with values to adorn
That they may bloom to where they're sown
For children are mirrors of what we've shown

Let us be the water that satisfies their longing
That they maybe filled with praise and assurance up to the brim
Saying im proud of you, or you may try again
That they may feel welcomed loved and accepted
For children absorbs what they're treated

Let us be the air that gives them space and breath
That may find their highest purpose in this earth
Allowing them to grow on their own perfect pace
That they may turn out to be as what He pleases
For children are dreams not of ours, but His

Let us be the sun that illumines their way
That they may shine in what they do or say
Radiating our warmth through their lives
That they may also learn to love and give
For children learn what they live

by Marilou Madrazo

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