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MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)


We sat at the corner of the street,
While the sun gave sweet amber kisses
To embrace our rosy skin.
Cars and trucks raced down the streets
As if their being depended on it.
She started to speak of her journey away from
The place we call home,
Each galvanic word impels me
As she spoke of men in uniforms carrying
Pride and honor across town.
We turned the corner of Park Avenue going
East as the trees above our heads hear
The hums from our voices and dance along.
Tiny buds covered the floor with lavender
And pink, turning a very noisy City into a
Captivating paradise.
Our hair danced with the wind
Causing the guy at the coffee stand to lose
His dejected mind.
All of a sudden, it started to turn dark,
We heard the sky bursting open to let
The exorbitant amount of water out to
Sprinkle over the surface of earth.
Laughter covered our tracks as we made our
Way to the train station,
Accepting each raindropp as they fell to the
Ground creating music.

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