O Africa!

Come and see the land of my fathers
The smiles and warmth we've ever seen
The flawless gaze she raised high in the constellations
Come and see the array of her honor
The gems and art prized for beauty and perfection
The shield of her fearless warriors and the spear of the brave
Africa! Thy beauty I see and the sensation of thy kingdoms
Thy tropic dances and sway in your praise
Thy glory is written in the stars and thy pride in me
I cherish my home, the imprints on the shoreline of memories
Through the passage of the age it treads the path of immortality
Far beyond the distance of time it wonders over the mystic hills
Africa! The arid land of my heroic ancestors
Such choices have made, O Africa! Land of my heroes
The breath of thy shores tells how beautiful you've been
Drift of jade and scent of abounding increase
Green is the wealth of thy forest all time
The zephyr whistles the bravery of thy priestess
Her prayers loosen the brace of the clouds
Africa, Your banners is raised upon great mountains
The Pharaonic symbol is lifted in its ancient pride
Thy jungles roared with her bewitching grace
And gave her petals to the enthralling shade of the trees
Hail the mothers of Africa!
Who raised her men with strength and ardor
She filled her basket in the unfeasible wasteland
The pale history of your past has built your strength
I saw the tears in the sun; it shines with flames in her eyes
It witnessed the blood of thy legends spilled on the wall
Defending thy coast from exploiters of thy fortune
Your pitcher was broken and its shards left on the river side
Your fair maids were seized by the slave masters
Yet the beauty of Africa blossoms with the breaking of the dawn
The cock crow proclaims the coming of her hope
And the sounds of drum sing the songs of liberation
Thy tales and myth is ever treasured in our willing ears
I will never forget my home O Africa!
I will never forget thee.

by Oni Omotayo

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