O, Bitter Frustration

It's when I look at you and see the marks on your face.
Perceive that you've lost resilience, and all signs of grace.
Can tell you've been through much,
Enduring such,
Disillusion and grudge,
Carving their way. Hush...

I hear you speak articulately.
Listen to your words carefully.
Measuring their meaning,
Sensing what they're not revealing.
Would never want to be you,
Not stand in your shoe.

A heart gone bitterly dying,
Of feelings shown to be lying.
A soul that was slowly crippled,
From pain, that years through your joy, rippled.
An existence destined to be hollow,
Rendering a life, full of sorrow.

Feeling repulsion when you're near.
Trying hard to avoid you, out of fear.
Wonder why you failed and never discovered,
All the love that around you, must have hovered.

Now only believing, what your narrow mind preaches.
Having lost comprehension, of what life really teaches.
And I don't want, to be you.
Never ever want, to stand in your shoe.

by Piccola Scimmia

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