O-D-E To The Impossible Od

Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know em
Spark that easy up, then we get to flowin
Ruby in the rough, only if you show em
Roll up my sleeves, wrist n fingers are glowin
The beautiful trees, brought me to my knees
Thankin the earth for my disease
A puff, puff puff, pass that please
I got a mind that pushes like Nascar, a fast car
So smoke the herb and call me your mastar
Either way I'm the new pastor
Thats the definition of a rapstar

Got it, want it, need it, keep it
See it, be it, never leave it
Roll it, smoke it, smell it, toke it
Inhale, exhale, never choke it

Keeps me in that deep deep
When I die, I'll sleep sleep
Till then it's street street
Stayin on that beat beat

by Jennifer Peckins

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