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~ O Dearest Love *
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~ O Dearest Love *

~ O Dearest Love

O Dearest Love
Wherever you are walking
My heart is there,
My dreams are by your side.
Since you've been gone
The sun no longer rises
In blazing joy
To meet the coming day.
My heart will wait
In faith through all your wanderings
Until your feet
Shall lead you to my door.
You'll come to me
Across the years of longing -
Here in my arms
Your wanderings will end.
A hearth, a home
Will capture all your dreamings.
O Dearest Love
There is no day till then.

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pure love cannot stay separate, cannot live far away, cannot breath alone, cannot be wanderer lonely, cannot dream o there is you the love after birth the feelings loneliness is bitter helI!
Loaded with a love and a longing that looms large in the lane of loneliness. A very touching tale my friend!
nice......really loved it
Yes I thought the rhythm was familiar and then I saw your note. Worthy of that great song. A beautiful lyric poem. Enhanced by your two quotes too. We should b never give up hope. Tom Billsborough
O dearest love, I am glad to read it, thanks, very fine..
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