Fame Of Myself, To Justify


Fame of Myself, to justify,
All other Plaudit be
Superfluous—An Incense
Beyond Necessity—

Fame of Myself to lack—Although
My Name be else Supreme—
This were an Honor honorless—
A futile Diadem—

by Emily Dickinson

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Mastermind word - Rock me Asleep Thy sound my death abroad will tell, For I must die, There is no remedy. brilliant piece of writings
verily We all gotta die someday, for there is no remedy, it's inevitable
At long last! The nearest to the original from the times of the tudors (just the spelling has been modernised) . Not written by Ann Boleyn herself, as it is said she did not write before her death, but by an anonymous poet. Here is the authenticity around here!
This poem doesn't belong to this author (except for the blatant changes made) . The original poem was written around the time of Anne Boleyn's death and possible written by Anne herself. Doesn't anybody check for authenticity around here?
Hey Annie, do I have your permission yo use this wonderful poem as lyrics?
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