O Death Oh Loser

Day goes low fore- sprouts forth
Yet to seemly unending dark
One plunk by beloved demise

Shall novel feat weave deeds?
Or swing wave presence
Shall breeze take memories?
Or fire raise char to naught
What sprout can find lost beam?

Day dark bask in mourning sun
Clouds swell lures bed to cold
Earth in haze as wrinkles grow
Hands frail and Head weeds
Words whimpers with sight blur
Our wall shadows in heart shivering

Death' what more?
What rose shall devour?
What star shall sink in cloud?
But rejoice little' O loser!
Soon this slumber curtain shall draw
And fail your aim to draw apart

Day brightened spring exult sun
Bed warm mist webs earth
Face glossy and hands hearty
Head blooms and words cherry
Eyes sparkles our wall frame
Heart glows as awake all forth

Lips in glad shall call
Death, where thou art?
Shall thy part not in merry reunion?
Shall see not failure?
Oh death' merely long sleep
None truly dies, all ease temporarily

by Adeosun Olamide

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Day brightened spring exult sun, wonderful description in this poem Oh death oh loser. Beautifully presented death poem shred on. Nice job.