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O, Father How I Loathe Thee
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O, Father How I Loathe Thee

Poem By Amanda Edwards

Thank you father for never being there,
Thank you for all your cruel stares,
The times we shared,
Are so scarce,
I remember so many,
The life I had,
Was so bad,
My sadness,
Is no longer had,
As a child,
Nothing was ever mild,
You are so disgusting,
And vile,
Greed is your heart,
I don’t ever want a re-start,
Incapable are you,
To not be so cruel,
Your mistake,
So sad to take,
The fact that,
You are a fake,
Such a sad excuse,
You make me want to puke,
Karma will be had,
There will be a day,
When you are lost,
In the frost,
Of such a cruel heart,
As time goes by,
We will sigh,
For we know the truth,
Of such a puke,
No more abuse.

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