O Harrowed Isle

O harrowed isle, derelict and decaying
Your best minds forced to flee your shores
Empty are your shops, your stores
Pity the people who are suffering, staying
Will relief ever come to this enchanted isle
Where her beauty can still bewitch and beguile
Once the gorgeous gem of the Caribbean
Gateway to the New World ever shining
In radiant splendor, no thoughts of declining,
Rich and overflowing, then one single man,
Caused such a violent upheaval in the lives of all
A ruthless, deranged, tyrannical foe
To every thing that is decent, desirous, woe
Is what you’ve had for years, you cry and call
Out to the world which heeds you not
Some aren’t even aware of your hapless lot
You will be the last communist government to collapse
Hopefully soon a change will come to all the world’s maps
Cuban people, ever brave and vivacious, your songs
Brighten this world even in your distress
May the future right all your wrongs
May you live in freedom and happiness

(February 2004)

by Sandra Robert

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