Sunrise Walk N

I saw the Red Orbe'd Guardian of each day,
slowly rise in majesty, to rule in kingly sway.
But somehow held by misty chain,
it seemed to struggle height to gain,
enshrouded by a foggy morn,
I felt the travail of a day new born.

I sought for words of thanks to say,
for a dawning of another day.
A day of destiny for some, a day of joy or pain,
What e’re it holds, the rule of time decrees,
it will not come again,
These new awakening hours, are, by design,
the offspring of another’s day, now in decline.

Along the muddy shore line, reflecting bright.
lies the legacy of washing, by a tidal night.
Sand-banked islands, in grey water stand,
Each white with gulls who claim the reedy strand.
A lonesome seabird, swooping through the air,
drops swiftly down, a crowded isle to share.

‘'Tis then I realise, through the changing light,
that Kng Sun has conquered, there is no fight,
Warm rays reach down with life anew,
as fields are jewelled in shining dew.
Whilst sheep, and cows, graze unaware
of the beauteous land we share.

I pause, for one last look, a moment to retain,
Now in the warming sunshine, I walk a country lane.
As distant traffic’s rumble, speaks of life’s mad pace.
I pray for thankfulness, and for the Lord’s own grace.
I ask him to remember,
all those other things, I really ought to pray.
and know I will forget, in the turmoil of this day.

by Don Dickenson

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Good one..................
An elegy that clearly hits the nerve. Walt is a great imagist. One of the greatest American poets of all times.
Why can you not continue? O why do you now cease? Is it because, if you continued beyond the swift moment, you would soon certainly kill me?
when one love there is a little bit of dying, dying to selfishness