So, if you're reading this
we made it though another year.
I'm grateful
we survived to make our mark.
Our end has not arrived.
By next year
this is what I wish for you:
You'll need to hear once more
for our own good:
Please breathe.
Don't shovel, savor.
Get sleep.
With safety never compromise.
And look your best,
because you should.
But have you made the world
a better place?
Risk ridicule.
Find allies.
Lend a hand.
Confront injustice.
Make a battle plan.
Now, go make change.
To fail is no disgrace.
Fulfill our dreams, my friend,
but while we're here
be good to us.
We'll make it to next year.

by Glen Martin Fitch

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Lovely latest songs, good one
i did notice but never occored that anyone noticed me //