O Israel! O Jerusalem! O Church!

From slavery, God gave you redemption
And from the Egyptians, you were brought out;
Now, God freed you from Egypt’s oppression
After to Him, your God, you have cried out.

But who were these to whom you’ve paid homage
That You have rejected the Lord your God,
This Baal that you worshipped his image
So you have provoked the Lord to get mad?

Israel, O Israel, God’s people,
Why have you forsaken God’s holy law?
Behold those who spoke about your trifle
To whose bodies your swords you’ve made to draw!

My sorrow's upon you, O God's nation
And my compassion's on you, God's chosen,
For again, Satan'd sent you oppression
And on you, evil's permitted again!

For you, God went down from being the King;
For you, He became a poor son of man,
That from your wounds, you might receive healing,
That from your sins, you may be forgiven.

But why outside Judea, your King strolls
From your hatred and discrimination?
Why had He wept outside your city walls,
As caused by your dangerous rejection?

O Jerusalem, city of the King,
Why have you rejected God, your Savior?
Behold His body on the cross – suff’ring,
Who is the Lord your God – the Creator!

My sorrow's upon you, David's city
and my compassion's on you, O Zion;
In ruins laid your temple so holy
And you were crushed by a dome of iron!

For you, the Father gave His only Son,
That He might give you life everlasting;
For you, the atonement of Christ was done,
That His salvation, to you He might bring.

But why do you believe God’s existence
But has forgotten Christ’s authority?
And why accept the gospel’s very sense
But forget its infallibility?

O the church of God, O the Bride of Christ,
Why have some of you forgotten your God?
Behold those who, of their faith, made no waste
‘S left you behind – by the hand of God!

My sorrow's upon you, O Lord's maiden,
And my compassion's on you, church of God
For your First Love, some of you've forsaken,
Some of you have chosen the wrath of God!

by Yehoshua Shim'onai

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He who rejects the grace of God has chosen for himself, judgement.... My prayer is with them. Good work