Empty Dream

I used to believe in magic,
But you made me feel the tragic.
Now I’m sinking in deep fear,
And it’s all your fault, dear!

I don’t have the courage to fly anymore,
I’m trying, but it’s not like before
Because despair has no wings
And in my heart I sense stings.

There are ghosts in my head
As I sit alone in my bed,
They come out of the gloom.
They are using death’s perfume.

They induce so much pain,
My soul and my strength they drain.
All the time I feel haunted
I hear darkness’s cry shouted.

Why have you done this to me?
Why can’t I be free?
Why cant’t I be stronger?
I want to suffer no longer!

by Blu Roxana

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Beautiful poem on acrostic form. Truth can lead all in perfect ways. Thanks for sharing.