I'm messed up but
I'm o.k. and that's

it's o.k. to feel, to fear
to want, to cry
to be

I'm o.k.
I've got my friends, my poetry, my music
my wonderful dysfunctional family, God
the sky above, my bed, and the cooling rain
rainbows and love and laughter

I'm messed up, but today
I look in the mirror while sprawled on my bed and I
like what I see
my hair's pulled back with a few stray strands framing my face
I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts in my favorite color
my capris
clothes I look good in and feel good in
my cow anklet still makes me smile
and when I close my eyes
I am content with what I see there too
I know I am 'loveable and capable'
and that I can
'move mountains'
I matter, I have worth, I can do anything

and I feel o.k.
like there's hope
like I can love myself
a light at the end
a reason to go on

and I know every day won't feel this good, won't be
like this, and quite possibly
by evening I'll have cried again

but right now, with this pen in my hand
blank page before me
barefoot and free

I'm messed up but
I'm o.k. and that's

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What a wonderfful, life affirming write. Wishing you and your poetry only the best. Warmest regards, Sandra