(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

O Life Divine

There is a silence that stills the mind
When walking or sitting or wandering alone
A silence that bids fear and fret you make you own
To melt away and be left behind

When I’m weak or wilful and struggling on
A road marked with circles retraced on dust and dearth
And crumbling hope that dries a firth
Where battles was fought with conquests gone

Where ships and vessels of mighty resolve
Once in waters deep did wage their wars
With armour and arms of supposed infinite stores
And cannons aimed with singular will for foes’ dissolve’

I lie here now in this barren bay
Where waters decreased to muddy dirt
Where wrecks of wood lie scattered and hurt
And marks of valour replaced as ruins now stay

The strength of man now broken by truth
Dependence on will and capacity of self
A futile quest as for freedom we delve
In bodies own the law of nature cries out this sooth

Over my valley a light now breaks
The Spirit of Life that shines and soaks
A strength not my own in blood it cloaks
My war-torn fields, with freedom it shakes!


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