O Life, O Life, O Life!

Poem By 3mvi 3mvi

You are beautiful,
You give birth to my soul,
You blossom me wealth,
You nurture me health,

You may make me cry,
I may wish you inexistence,
But at my last sigh,
You grant me resistance.

I know that I'm not your only,
But do you know, that this, makes me feel lonely?
I know that millions depend on you,
But to still love you, do you know what I had to go through?

You roam the earth in salience,
You wonder with your grace,
But why must you bring abhorrence
Resent and loath on to our face?

I for one, have it mutilated
By your hands created and now decimated;
My eyes bleed at your sight
And die at your upcoming light;


Comments about O Life, O Life, O Life!

nice poem... yeah.. LIFE
Nicely composed beautiful poem.
Those twists and bends in the road of life
beautiful poem, thanks for sharing

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