O Life! Slowly, O Slowly, Walk Not Fast

Poem By ashok jadhav

O Life! slowly, o slowly, walk not fast,
For there is still the indebtedness,
And many sick souls to be healed;
The scars are so deep and vast,
And they should be cured,
And fires would be chilled,

And are still some responsibilities,
And there seems to be more possibilities.

O life! you are but swift,
Slowly, o slowly walk not fast,
As I wore your swiftness,
Some are became nervous,
And some are left behind in the vein,
And still there some remained to be praised,
And tears of theirs to be wiped out.

O life! grace on me,
For I could make my relations strong,
But they are broken, for swiftness was wrong,
And some are left behind unbound,
So I want to mend those brocken souls,
And I want to mend those painful scar of holes.

O life! bless me,
For I have there mistakes to commit,
And there still task to go and accomplish,
And I have to solve mystery of life,
And I have to realise whole my life.

O life! tell me the truth,
For, if we have to die,
Then why there is pain,
What is loss and what is gain? ,
But how shall I control desires of mind,
And how shall I confess reality behind.

O life! Slowly o slowly, walk not fast,
There is still the indebtedness,
And I must heal some souls with sickness,
And I have some responsibilities, at last,
O life! Slowly, o slowly, walk not fast.

Your Cartoon dear.

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There is still indebtedness! Well penned

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