O Old Man, Looking Grave And Handsome, But With The Prominent French-Cut Beard!

O old man, looking grave and smart,
smart and handsome,
o, meeting you strangely
At the city square,
No, no the city centre,
may i ask you about your white beard,
The French-cut beard you have kept,
The secrets of it,
The reason behind keeping it
Even in the old age,
Almost a balding,
But you still dressed
In the suits and the boots,
The belt and the pants,
o old man,
Looking over smart,
Give me, give me please
Your White french-cut beard
To shelve it,
Keep it on the rack
Of my almirah,
to showcase it
As art-piece
Or an artifact!
(Met him in Calcutta, wanted to inquire about the secrets of his white, but prominent French-cut beards, but could not in the congested space of the hurrying crowds, faceless and nameless and the vehicles, coming to a stop due to traffic jams and hectic activity.
Meeting him at the city square or the city centre. A tryst with the French-cut beard-keeping man, his fascination for even in the old age, what will the young do on seeing him, i often ask myself?)

by Bijay Kant Dubey

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