The clouds are black
The lightning striking

With the thunderstorm
Rain started RIM JHIM, RHIM JHIM

People running here and there
To get the shelter anywhere

Some of them holding umbrellas
Some wearing raincoats

I am bare headed
rain falling on me

Shrieking with joy............
I say rain, rain, rain

Pour heavily, make me wet
I don't mind getting wet myself

But don't get into homes
You are welcome, but not the floods and storms

Make the barren land fertile
Make the grass green

You wash the mountains and trees
You make the land sparkling clean

You're blessing from God
Coming like a thread from clouds

I love seeing you falling
I wonder how you pour from clouds

After every minute the light strikes
With the cloud getting darker and darker

Making the city noisy and floody
Kids swimming in the puddled water

People walking in the knee deep water
Rain if not there the clouds won't be there

Thunder, lightening, floods won't be there
Rain, rain we don't want to miss you

We wan't to have the pleasures of rain
Fall, fall, fall, we want to feel you

Pour and make our lands fertile
Rain, rain, rain
Rim jhim, rim jhim,
Tup, tup, tup, tup.

by Asma Khan

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very good poem which would inspire your generations.