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O Rain Don't Come!

Before the rain starts,
In the street a labor kid
Digging and collecting the litter
He has no feelings for rain!

If I had some…
Just to stand near pallor
Watch the rainy drops…..

Dress was torn
Cleft slipper were in feet
Having dirty jacket; no warm cap
Passing people, kids and vehicles
Heavy bags, new uniforms, and shoes
And aims in mind, going to school
Luxury cars and in lunch boxes super food
Have "that kid" taste of bread?

O rain come, come
Please come…
People are waiting since long

……..! ! !

O rain don't come
Don't come please
Come some other time
Some other day….
"That small innocent eyes"
Looking up the sky…

O rain just don't come this day
My dad is sick and siblings small
And mom left me alone in the immortal world
When I was too small
O rain don't come today
Standing under a shade and praying
How could I work in such weather?
What to bring for sisters and dad?

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