AA (05.04.1980 / Mansehra)

O School Of My Childhood


O School of My childhood

O School of My childhood
I miss you at the moment
Thus I write a sonnet
I want speaking you smooth
I share you some words of my youth

I miss you every breath of my chest
I miss you in a way of its best
I miss you along with all my stories
I miss you in ranks of my memories

We were twenty four in scrutiny
All boys and girls four in opportunity
We educated mutually
We flourished smoothly
We cultured effortlessly
We activated naturally

I remember the principle you had
He was Col Imran if you remember
Such a wise he was born
He spoken and spoken well
Thus well uttered words are remembered
Whether voiced in battle or school
Captured by a soldier or a student
Those words moved through my character
So I miss him every breath with you

I remember my teachers serving you
Teachers who had taught us
We hurt them but they brought us
They brought us to the heights of luck

Affection your Madam had
She calculated us
She evaluated us
She customized us
She personalized us
She favored us
She supervised us
She measured us
As we are kids
Kids of her own

Silence that Miss Gulnar had
As she was philosophizing
As she was watching
As she was estimating
Will my kids appear?
In the light of conscience
Will they be called?
In the songs of nations
Will those heights come?
The heights of supreme success
Wish I could go through the time
My kids will bring
The truth they will follow
The wisdom they deliver
The fragrance they spread
The light they will light

O school of my childhood
I have memories to count
I shall keep on counting
I shall keep on you missing

Soofi Aarifameen Zahid S/O
Soofi Alifdeen Zahid R/O
Mansehra Hazara (Pakistan)

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Silence that Miss Gulnar had As she was philosophizing........ yes u come across many thing and remain memorable thorught out life.........10 read moine too' teacher no please, funny 1 and hen ladi an eggs..... child series
good poem remembering the school days,
an intersesting poem for your school.touchingly written and yes our schools are the cause for where are we now