O So Lonely

O So Lonely
Are the days gone by.
When others enter your life
Then you push them by.

by Cecelia Weir Click to read full poem

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i enjoyed. but i'd change its and Its to it's and It's. :) to MyPoemList and i plan to include it in my upcoming (on my PH site, listed as a poem under 'February Showcase') February Showcase, a selection (by me) of poems, mostly with the topic: lonely this month. bri (:
Your life is your cup of tea mam.Never to sit and contemplate.It is to enjoy in full version.Nicely crafted.Thanks for sharing mam.10 plz read and comment on my poem A plunge into acup of tea.Regards.
a poem of regret... autobiographical or about another?
Excellent poem. Loved it :)
I agree with the poet that when we are young we don't realize how precious our encounters with people truly are. As years roll along, we say goodbye to so many and are left wondering about them, . There's no cure for loneliness, I suppose, but we can buffer ourselves against it by being authentic and loving with others along the way.
A clear mistake........repentance..........recovery and hope............so good words to hold two beings together.I invite you to read and comment on my poems.Thank you.
Your words ring so true here. They are so true and honest.
beautiful! you are so true, and your words are properly arranged. good poem and it deserve five stars......
Cecelia, This was very good and very true! Thanks and Merry Christmas! Kevin