D (16.03.89 / Doncaster, England)

O Sweet Nemesis, For Thee A Claret Sunrise

Drowning in a revenant night, my eyes
Sunken to dreaming, where ravenous skies
Rolled thunder’s diction through my velvet cries
And drove a vengeful whisper to arise.

I glimpsed instead a slurrèd figure there,
Singing rhymes and secreting pure despair
Which tore out through the rancid, fickle air
And crushed my bones, broke me on disrepair.

My exclusive attention won it whirled,
And uttered curses on me in tongues curled
With stranger language, as the storm unfurled,
On rotting, spiteful winds throughout my world.

Sombre, acid seraph, bearing crimson sores,
Cadaverous and soaked in underscores
Of a punctured recital made by lores
And plots perverse, enslaved anguished shores.

The ghost discharged from high command, banshee
Made enticement, bleeding untamed decree,
A stain upon war waged with history,
And I saw by the light, that fool was me.


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