Cheers For A Life Time

Eighth grade students all dressed in their white and red gowns
Smiling as bright as the sun shines
Proud parents and family filled the black folding chairs
The announcer starts the ceremony by thanking everybody for coming out
Loud and happy as a person can be I sing with my peers
After days of practice we sing in beautiful ceremony like a choir at church
I remember feeling anxious as the principle begin to call off names
Sariah Hall rings in my head as my stomach sinks lower then the ground
All I can hear is floor shaking cheers calling out my name
The sicking feeling floats away as though it was never there
I became a new person going down the stairs to my seat
grasping my diploma feeling a storm of courage filling my body
The joyful cheers still plays in my head
reminding me that hard work pays off

by sariah hall

Comments (3)

O'...why not the fiancee on the Sunny Side of the Street! Why the fading sunlight? But this was a fun poem to read.
a beautiful poem on our way of living and the complete segregation of gender, which makes one attractive to another!
What a beautiful poem. Wonderful, Wonderful! Natural lines! Be able to fully enjoy. Thank you very much Doctor.