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Poem By Sailing to windward

Her warm teary breath fogs the mirror glass
as she tries to fix her face to pass
the coming frantic wave of hands.

Her grief stricken sighs stay inward facing
while his loud packing and pacing
takes on the brassy noise of bands

She fears his love, white crested and foaming,
will subside in the roaming,
or touch, of those far away lands

To windward of fate she tries to steer
in vain attempt to keep love near
and safe, from quick shifting sands

His feet now follow his mind's salted track
sirened to sea this tarry jack
till back on heaving deck he stands

As mooring lines slip both turn to face
the growing, watery, lonely space
between their cold and empty hands

And, at deep horn's blast she clears her throat
and prepares again to fill the moat
with tears, in hope that love withstands

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Comments (6)

You have captured the poignancy of partings with rare style. I could feel the longing in the woman's chest. Well written.
A wise sailor always returns to a safe anchorage. The absences enhance the returns never allowin staleness to gain a hold
love this poem, i feel the panic and sense of helplessness, will want to read and re-read it! jane s
A heart-rending love poem in which the nautical imagery carries the emotion perfectly. An evocative, emotive and astutely observed piece - you take the reader right there into this heartbreaking scene. Justine.
Fascinating twist on a 'love poem' not your typical catch, i think i might indulge in it again!