IS ( / Norway)


I don't know
but maybe this
would feel better
in my toes

Maybe it would be
different from this
I feel now
Yes different from this
I feel now

Because it feels like
I'm breathing it in
And breathing it out
but it still comes back

Like elastic
poisonous oxygen
I can always feel it
from the inside

I fear it I taste it,
I can try to erase it.
but it could kill me to face it

Taking a walk
Start running
Exercise till
my lungs explodes

It's the best emotion
My body's in pieces
One moment it's missing
But not for long
No not for long

Yes I feel feelings everytime I breathe
And I breathe everytime that I feel
I begged more than I could ever plead
But it's more stubborn than I could be.
It's more stubborn than I could ever be.

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