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O3, U2

I can't seem to find the keys to me-
Would u happen to know what they might be?
Recovery from some dream deferred
Or perhaps less desire to be heard
Than to be understood?
Is it possible there is only one key
To unlock my seeming complexities?
If I learned to forgive my neighbor first
Would that quell this quenchless thirst
Or just make me 'look good'?
To say I love u when I do not love me
Is not only false but an impossibility.
Then love becomes another overused word
That festers like milk sours to stink and curd,
Drowning me like water-logged wood.
Could it be that the only real key for me,
The way to 'unlocked' is security
In knowing that loving me could never hurt
As often does love given yet mostly unreturned?
Would that I knew I understood!


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A fine write Nia. Some nice analogies in there and a smooth read.